How to get Hygge

Hygge certainly has been a buzz word for 2016. A quick search on Amazon brings up over 20 book titles enabling you to become a 'hygge' expert. In its most simplistic definition its the Danish way to living well. The Danes (and I am one myself) are obsessed with lighting, both creating light through candles and also lamps. Names such as Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen (manufactured by Louis Poulsen) and Verner Panton have become World renowned with iconic pieces such as: The PH Lamp, Verner Panton Lamp and Le Klint.

 PH50Verner Panton LampLe-Klint-Danish-lighting

Visit Denmark and you will see for yourself the Danes tend to have pockets of lighting as opposed to one big focal light or lamp that overpowers a room in one particular spot.

One of our best selling lamp shades does this to perfection, used either as a table lamp, ceiling pendant light or floor lamp The Vita Eos is truly 'hyggeligt'


December 30, 2016 by Patrick Nielsen