Spice Up Your Home With Some Mix & Match Lampshades

There are so many different kinds of lampshades to choose from nowadays, it’s no longer just your average paper shades in a range of different colours. How can you possibly decide what it is that you want?

You don’t have to! Clashing being a big no is a thing of the past, so why not mix and match different colours, patterns and styles to add a bit of quirk and fun to your home.


Before choosing a lamp, you need to look at the proportions of your room and where the lampshade or lamp is going to go, as you don’t want it to be overbearing to the room or get lost into the ceiling, so ensuring you get the perfect size to suit you is essential.

It should be easy to judge the shape and size of your lamp/shade if you don’t already know the specific sizes, but you also need to review the vertical location width and length as this will determine whether your chosen product will fit in the desired space perfectly.


What style are you looking for in your home, contemporary, traditional, antique, funky and more – it’s important you know what you want the lamp to portray before looking. As well as this, do you want it to be a statement piece in the room or just work to point towards the real statement piece.

Now that you have the practicalities out of the way, you can start seriously looking into the colours and patterns best suited to you.

Why not incorporate a lighthouse lampshade into your dining room to create an elegant ambiance while hosting dinner? This creates the illusion of light coming from multiple locations with only one bulb and creates a stunning optical effect.

Or choose from a range of colours in our Eos feather shades made from collections of goose feathers which help to create a truly unique and soft lighting, these would be great for a bedroom or living area.


February 11, 2019 by Patrick Nielsen
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