How to remove dust from a feather lampshade

The Eos feather lampshade is an attractive and striking object, made from authentic bird feathers positioned on a paper core by hand. The Eos can be used either as a hanging pendant light using either an existing rose cable or alternatively as the perfect partner to a free-standing lamp stand or tripod.

Maintaining is extremely simple by using a hairdryer from time to time. All you require to do is set your hairdryer on its lowest setting, then rotate the lampshade while blowing all loose dust and dirt off all the feathers. After this, take a small soft bristled brush, of the type that can be used to brush a newborn baby’s hair. Failing this, use a sable paintbrush, or another feather. Using this, then gently brush the feathers of the lampshade, following the direction of the feathers.

 After this, dip the utensil that you used to brush into a bowl of water, having first added a drop of liquid soap. The lampshade feathers should then be brushed again, using this treated utensil, again in the direction of the feathers, all to remove any excessive grime. Then rinse the utensil thoroughly and dip into a bowl of plain water (no soap). Brush the feathers gently with this, which should remove any residue.

The final stage is then to blow dry the shade with a hairdryer, and then, using a dry utensil, brush all feathers back into shape.

November 28, 2018 by Patrick Nielsen
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