May we introduce you to Loopy-Lu

The Loop-Lu range available from

Lighting is usually the last thing you think of. Having blown your budget on recycled paints, up-cycled furniture from a market in Hoxton and luxurious hand-woven rugs you now have your room looking like that picture in Wallpaper* – however something is missing... when you look up you see that same miserable 60 watt bulb hanging down limp from the ceiling.

The good news is that you no longer have to melt the credit card to put it right and add that finishing touch. Loopy Lu is a range of vibrant and stylish lampshades that will add chic to any space. Designed by Lothair Hamann, Loopy Lu is available in nine vibrant colours at an amazing price of just £30 each plus delivery – though if you spend over £50 we'll deliver for free in the UK, so why not order two!


July 26, 2015 by Patrick Nielsen
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